How Do I Take Part In The Survey If I Prefer To Use The Mail?

  • Do one thing if you’re interested in participating but don’t want to buy anything from JCPenney even if you’re excited about it.

Take a postcard with the dimensions of 3.5 inches by 5.0 inches.

  • Fill out all of the required fields, including your full name, e-mail address, phone number, and residential address.

Take a postcard, place it in an envelope, and send it to the recipient at the address shown on the postcard.

Due to the fact that it is handwritten, you will need to ensure that your writing is nice and legible in order for others to understand it.


  • What are the requirements to be eligible to shop at JCPenney?

Each survey has its own unique set of guidelines and constraints that must be followed. Additionally, JCPenney has certain of its own criteria, which are included below for your convenience.

It is hoped that you, as a dedicated client, would participate in the survey in some capacity.

Come and take part in the activity without spending any more time.